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Safe Money Radio Episode: Return OF and ON your Money

There is a name for exaggerated claims when something cannot be counted on and I won’t say it on the radio, but it doesn’t come from a female cow and it doesn’t smell like roses.

You know from listening to my show over the years that I am a straight shooter. 

I think retirement shouldn’t be about laziness, but it also shouldn’t be about stress that comes from striving and taking on risks that could put your retirement in jeopardy.

I also think retirement should be about honesty. I think we should all be wiser as we get older and we shouldn’t call something a gain when it can be taken away. A 22% gain that is still exposed to market risk is not a 22% gain, because you can’t count on it. 

How do you take a gain and turn it into a permanent gain that is protected from loss and that you can’t outlive? 

In this episode, tune in to no-market risk income planning.


Listen to this episode.


  • Mark Twain once said that was more concern with the returns OF his money than the return ON his money. What if you could capitalize on BOTH?

  • Most people don't want to lose any money, but their investments don't reflect that desire.

  • Longevity risks is just as bad, if not worse, than market risks.

  • Most people plan for longevity risks is under-living their retirement - under-living retirement? What does that mean?

If you don't want to underlive your retirement, in other words:

  • you want to get most out of your retirement money 

  • you want to live the dream

  • you want to know that you won't run out of money before you run out of life.

  • you want a retirement that can live up to its potential.

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We can work together to take income uncertainty out of retirement so you can enjoy the golden years without financial stress.

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