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The Best 24/7 Identity Theft Protection Service for Individuals & Families

Monitoring your online identity on your own can take precious time and energy.


Gain peace of mind knowing you and your family’s finances, credit, and identities are being looked out for 24/7 with our full coverage protection and restoration plans.

Choose the best plan for you and your family

Main protective benefits you can expect from IDShield:

  • Social security number monitoring

  • Dark web monitoring

  • Public records monitoring

  • Court records monitoring

  • Payday loan monitoring

  • Social media scanning

  • Medial data reports

  • Unlimited consultation

  • Access to licensed private investigators

  • Credit score tracking and reporting

  • 24/7 emergency assistance

  • Up to $1 million in identity theft protection coverage

  • Lost wallet support

  • Monitoring of at least one credit report (TransUnion), but potentially all three which includes Experian and Equifax

What makes IDShield different from the rest of the competition?

We have a legal company

GET an IDShield account today and GET PROTECTED!

Talk to a certified IDShield Professional

Or call 808-741-8125

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