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This was supposed to be my moment.  I worked and sacrificed so hard for it. Now being inches away, hearing the helmets clashing, high decibel cheering from the stands and the smells of the turf grass, tears ran down my face and I was broken. As a Freshman, no one knew that I went from fourth string on the depth chart to first yet no opportunity to showcase my talent.  What happened? I re-popped my hamstring in pre-game warm up one hour before kickoff! (See YouTube of the actual game on ESPN)

From having academics and sports achievements to the High School level coming quite easy, suddenly I found myself as the underdog in life, feeling resentment because of this freak injury. My identity got stuck on "what should have been".

I knew if I could get past this depth of despair, I would have the opportunity to relate with so many others who did not have their dreams yet realized. 

There are so many principles within sports that translate into life lessons. Success and more importantly how we handle losses are what motivates me in determining my “why” in life.

Your success journey and life purpose is not done yet!

Hawaii's first Football All-American Al Noga and 1989 and 1992 WAC Coach of the Year Bob Wagner

How does 49k+ fans sound like?

Del Fujinaka University of Hawaii Football

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