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Velocity Financing equips Business Owners and Family Estates to level the playing field  on how the largest banks build wealth and protection in financial management.

Again, What if everything you've learned about money was only half the truth?

I know how it feels to be frustrated and confused with the "ups and downs" of running your finances. Like many of you, over the years I struggled with money decisions in finances and then discovered that much of what I received and taught was biased. 

But then...I took a different approach with Financial Education by going to the source and asking the right questions to the experienced resources and what I discovered in a deeper way is better understanding the Central Banking and Federal Government IRS CODE Systems.
This forced me to use my years of experience in managing retirement plans, investment portfolios along with tax strategies and estate planning in a different way. I refined a system to simplify what builds wealth…"Do what Banks DO, NOT what they say".

In 2018, I could not help but sell my Financial Advisor business to focus on one thing..Unbiased Financial Education with money management.

Introducing to you Cashflow Coaching

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