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Affordable Legal Access For All

Who would have thought that hiring a credible attorney could be this easy and budget-friendly?

When you need legal help, LegalShield is here. Our network of experienced lawyers can provide advice on legal issues for you, your family, or your business, all directly through our app.

Find the right plan for you and your family

Why millions of people searching for a lawyer have turned to LegalShield instead

Over 4.4 million people have forgone the traditional method of hiring a lawyer for a smarter, more affordable way to get all the legal assistance they need.

Hire a Lawyer on
Your Own


✕  Pay fees based on a flat retainer that you may not use, or even need

✕  Need to find a different lawyer for each legal issue based on expertise and experience

✕  Spend hours researching lawyers online and still be unsure of the quality

✕  Pay hourly rates often averaging between $150-$400

✕  Pay extra for additional advice and consults

✕  Wait days for a return call (or even weeks)

✕  Pay higher rates for off-hours and emergency situations

✕  Pay even more for document reviews and ticket disputes

✕  Resolves one issue but you remain unprotected in any future legal situations

Get Legal Help with LegalShield


  Work with an experienced lawyer, our network averages 22 years of experience

✓  Speak with a lawyer and get legal advice about anything. Consultation on an unlimited number of issues is included

✓  Protect your family and/or your business with one service

✓  Get access to a law firm in your province

✓  Connect immediately with 24/7 access for emergency situations*

✓  Upload tickets and other documents for review in the LegalShield app

✓  Continued protection for whatever legal matters come your way

✓  Lawyers motivated to help you

unprotected in any future legal situations

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With no hourly fee or retainer, we help you worry less and live more.
What are you waiting for? Join now and speak with a lawyer in as little as 4 hours after initial contact.

Talk to a certified LegalShield Professional

Or call 808-741-8125

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