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“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” 

-CS Lewis


The "OVERCOMERS" in life always inspire me. Whether it's with finances, relationships or personal well-being, each person has a story. 

​After a career ending football injury in 1988, I took off my cherished Rainbow Warrior football helmet for the last time. My Division One dream was over.

I was stuck in an unrealized dream depressed on the sideline while 49,000 fans cheered on our beloved Hawaii team.                               

If you read more of my story you can see why in that moment a Life Purpose was defined.  35 years later, an even greater “why” was solidified to translate into winning by getting "unstuck" with the unrealized goals. Now to empower others to excellence and go after their God-given purpose and pursue it with all of their hearts.

As a Serial Entrepreneur for over 3 decades, I am committed to the remaining years of my life to bring an "Overcoming Spirit" into businesses, relationships and personal health to a multi-generation. Let's collaborate and WIN together!

A new paradigm with wealth management

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 living and leaving a legacy

I am all about you... 

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