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Safe Money Radio Episode: Don't Outlive Your Money

It is as simple as math. If you have a million dollars, take out 4% a year and then experience a massive market loss, you will have to withdrawal a much larger percentage of your funds to keep the same amount of income. A 4% withdrawal could easily turn into an 8% withdrawal and then a 12% withdrawal because of market losses. 


Once you experience a significant loss, it is almost impossible to recover. It’s kind of like tipping over dominos. You can’t undue dominos falling once the first one tips over.

If Shaquille O'Neal, Hall of Fame NBA Star and now empowered Entrepreneur has no-market risk income planning in his financial plan, shouldn't you?


Listen to this episode.



  • About 95% of all financial professionals practice spend-down income planning.

  • Unfortunately, financial planners don't usually explain the foundational theories behind their strategies.

  • No financial planner that sells or recommends risk-base accounts illustrate you losing money or getting no growth. 

  • Our income planning is not based on a reasonable change, but rather a guaranteed outcome.

Is it not better to know what is going to happen instead of hoping for a positive outcome from the process of guessing?

You can withdraw MORE from your retirement account and NEVER outlive your income!


If you like to learn more, schedule a suitability review appointment with me. Call me at 808-468-0552 or schedule a time by clicking the button below.

Let's work together to take income uncertainty out of retirement so you can enjoy the golden years without financial stress. Once we talk, I must determine if I can significantly help you and then we can schedule to meet.

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