Safe Money Radio Episode: Age-Based Income Planning

Imagine a casino that only allowed you to make one bet per year.

The game is simple, completely transparent, and highly regulated. 

Here is how the game works. Let’s say you are betting $100,000. If you lose you get your money back, the entire $100,000. If you win, you get to keep your earnings plus the money you bet. Let’s say you win a 10% gain, so now you have $110,000. 

Next year you play the game again, but now you are betting $110,000. If you lose the game, you get back your $110,000. If you win a 10% gain you now you have $121,000. The worst you can do is get your money back, the best you can do is a 20% gain or more but no matter how much you win you never lose those winnings due to playing the game. 

This is how a no-market-risk planning works. You only win, and never lose because of market losses.

When you are at or near retirement or wanting early retirement, you can't afford to go to VEGAS and take a chance on your Income planning.


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  • No-market-risk planning is an insurance that protects you against time. Why would you want to make risks making up for losses?

  • You can only go forward with market gains and never go backward from market losses. It's an auto-pilot gain and retain strategy.

  • Most people are just concerned about losing money, and not fully understand the impact of losing time. 

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